Image of the week, March 15th 2010: Chesapeake Bay

 (Kathryn Wagner)
This image was shot a short while ago while spending time on the awe inspiring Chesapeake Bay. The colors  were true to the image above, and I was glad they matched the festive mood of the evening. We spent time catching catfish off of the dock, watching the boats go by, and enjoying the warmth that a Virginia summer wraps around you. I think it is wonderful when you are able to enjoy the simplest elements coming together to make for a great evening and a wonderful time creating images. Have you a similar experience on a shoot to share?

BEHIND THE SHOT: The Garage Goes Dressy

 (Kathryn Wagner)
This week I wanted to bring to you a spring image for all of those who experience the colder seasons. This photograph is of an installation titled “The Garage Goes Dressy” where an entire historic carriage house was ‘dressed up’ in retro fabrics amidst downtown Charlottesville, Virginia.

I was fortunate to meet the artist Miss Kate Daughdrill through the lovely Piedmont Council of the Arts organization. Kate is particularly interested in community-oriented, socially-engaged art projects with relational, social, and spiritual implications. Her effervescence and attention to the piece made it wonderful to experience.

Kate sewed the entire piece together and then made modifications during installation, transforming the building into a unique visual destination within the typical city street. I really enjoyed photographing the different patterns in each of the fabric panels, and felt as though the colors gave the small building a cozy and welcoming feel.

Image of the week, March 8th 2010: St. Barthelemy Film Festival

 (Kathryn Wagner)
I resided on St. Barthelemy briefly, and our stay coincided perfectly with the fabulous “Cinema Caribes” a yearly film festival unique to the French West Indies. 2007 was the 35th anniversary of ‘The Harder They Come’ a film that proved to be pivotal in introducing Jimmy Cliff and the reggae genre to American audiences. I saw the film the second evening of my stay in St. Barthelemy and thought it a fitting introduction to another Caribbean interlude.

The shot above was of the projectionist, who was so kind as to give me a tour of the loft where the projection room was housed. It seemed as though a reverence for the original print of the film demanded a very skilled individual to conduct the screening. I found the projectionist to be fascinating and the film to be a wonderful look into the early days of reggae.

I would highly reccomend a stay in St. Barthelemy to attend this unique film festival. The 2010 St. Barth Film Festival will be April 24th-April 30th, 2010. Full Details and schedule of screenings can be found by clicking here.

RESOURCEFUL RESOURCES: iGoogle – the new front page news for Creatives.

So this is part of a consolidated list of my resourceful resources. Colleagues, as well as aspiring photographers have all asked me in the past about where to go to learn more. And I feel that one of the best things about being a photographer is that there is always more to learn. This series of posts will be my personal, curated resource of resourcefulness. Feel free to pay it forward by linking back to the blog….


I have been a fan of iGoogle since it’s inception in May 2005. Fresh from my BFA at the time, and looking for information on how to be the best creative business person I could be, I was hungry for information on the creative industry and found iGoogle to be the ultimate personalized newspaper. I still use it daily to keep track of over 50 different sources of information that update on a regular basis. I can tell you as a member of Generation Y that I do not read the newspaper every morning, but I do read this – and it is completely customized and geared toward my professional photography.

The symbol for an RSS feed. Click to subscribe to the latest from this blog.

The real beauty in iGoogle and other types of personalized homepages is that they accept any stream of information that has an RSS feed. RSS is the heart that keeps personalized homepages pumping and allows for anything from your favorite blogs to another creative’s portfolio to be updated and in one place. I do have guidelines that I follow to help a site stay on my homepage and stay relevant to my buisness. A resource a)Must be updated frequently, and if updated less than once a week I am looking for very high quality content and b) Must be insightful and relevant to the creative industry.

Do you use these personalized homepages? What are some of your favorite industry resources? Feel free to respond in the comments below.

Image of the week, March 1st 2010: Cape Hattaras Kayaker

A son and daughter kayak along the inland canals near Cape Hatteras National Seashore. The canals that border the sound are part of the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway and runs most of the length of the eastern seaboard. Home to part of the Striped Bass migration, the canals provide a great recreational alternative to the popular beaches of the Outer Banks.