Image of the week, May 31 2010: Caribbean Whitetail Deer

 (Kathryn Wagner)
Recently St. John has had a more visible population of deer, such as these two does photographed in Caneel Bay resort. Locals say that the population originated from a few deer swimming over to St. John from a neighboring island. They have become much more visible on the trails in Virgin Islands National Park and their boldness is noticeable. The park affords the non native species a sanctuary and no natural predators – though a concerted effort is underway from park staff to control the population. Despite thier invasiveness I am finding inspiration from seeing these familiar creatures, especially with their siginificant role in many cultures myths and legends.

Image of the week, May 24 2010: Pool is open, dive in!

The ladder and steps of a clear, shocking aquamarine pool. (Kathryn Wagner and Wagner Media Works LLC)
In honor of Memorial Day weekend, where pool’s across the U.S. officially open, the Image of the Week features a pool in one of my favorite vacation spots, the Outer Banks of North Carolina. North Carolina’s coastline also features other popular activities such as fishing and boating not to mention the magnificent Jockey’s Ridge State Park
Here’s to taking a swim this weekend!

37th Annual Rolex International Regatta

2010 Rolex Regatta – St Thomas Virgin Islands – Images by Kathryn Wagner

Recently I went out on assignment for the St. John Sun Times to cover the 37th Annual Rolex International Regatta. What an event, truly a blast to photograph. I spent the day on the water with several other journalists and really enjoyed the camaraderie. The Regatta featured many classes of sailboats from small two person teams on beach catamarans to larger sailboats with a full crew of sailors. Racing was hosted by the lovely St. Thomas Yacht Club and followed several routes, depending on the class of each craft. Overall the regatta was a great assignment and I look forward to covering future races in the Caribbean.

 (Kathryn Wagner)