Image of the Week, August 23 2010: Viginia Fire Dancers

Virginia Fire Dancers – Images by Kathryn Wagner
I was fortunate to attend the annual Let There Be Light event in the two years the exhibit was introduced. If you are in Charlottesville around my birthday, the twelfth of December, be sure to check out this inspiring and innovative evening of light based artworks. I was going back over some previous work and came across this set of three which I wanted to share, as I love relaxed concentration on the faces of the performers and the wonderful light provided by the fire. Wikipedia has a great article on Fire Dancing and the adventuresome one can find out how to do the basics with the DVD Poi Groove Basics – though I wold also highly reccommend taking a class as well to learn the safety techniques employed in this beautiful form of performance art.

 (Kathryn Wagner)

Image of the Week, August 16 2010: Vietnam Veterans Memorial

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial and Washington Monument were interesting subjects to focus on during a trip to DC. It was fascinating to observe how others interacted with these markers of our nation’s history. The design, by Maya Ying Lin (a then 21-year-old Yale University architecture student from Athens, Ohio) does a wonderful job commemorating the individuals whose names are inscribed on this powerful reminder of 1960’s America.

Image of the Week, August 9 2010: Rural Virginia Farm

 (Kathryn Wagner)
I am spending the week here on a break in rural Virginia. The farm above is adjacent to the property, hidden down a long two lane road. A wonderful surprise to come upon while walking. The beautiful landscape is dotted with the quintessential small towns that preside over crossroads of two-lane Virginia byways. Many of the communities that I will pass through next week on my way to Charlottesville, Virginia are designated Main Street Communities, meaning they have preserved the beauty of the downtown area, and that one could easily spend an afternoon strolling along, stopping to take in the summer sunshine.

Image of the week, August 3, 2010: Great Blue Heron

 (Kathryn Wagner)

Birdwatching is one of my favorite activities that easily accompanies photography. Living in close quarters with the Virgin Islands National Park affords many wonderful opportunities to see birdlife, and the waterfowl are my favorite. This Great Blue Heron was spotted while out photographing on the edge of Waterlemon beach. The call that a Heron gives is quite distinct. Not to be confused with  the Great Egret, I love the grace and poise that these beautiful birds possess.