BEHIND THE SHOT: The Garage Goes Dressy

 (Kathryn Wagner)
This week I wanted to bring to you a spring image for all of those who experience the colder seasons. This photograph is of an installation titled “The Garage Goes Dressy” where an entire historic carriage house was ‘dressed up’ in retro fabrics amidst downtown Charlottesville, Virginia.

I was fortunate to meet the artist Miss Kate Daughdrill through the lovely Piedmont Council of the Arts organization. Kate is particularly interested in community-oriented, socially-engaged art projects with relational, social, and spiritual implications. Her effervescence and attention to the piece made it wonderful to experience.

Kate sewed the entire piece together and then made modifications during installation, transforming the building into a unique visual destination within the typical city street. I really enjoyed photographing the different patterns in each of the fabric panels, and felt as though the colors gave the small building a cozy and welcoming feel.