Define success.

If someone gave you thirty years and said “what would you like to do with yourself? “what would you like to learn?” and “with whom would you like to learn it?”

What would you say?

Only once you have answers to these questions can you begin to embark on your own path of success. Just ask a British Columbian.

What you consider success is as unique as the professional creative service which you offer, whether you are a photographer art director or graphic designer. Willingness to work hard is also very important and this is true no matter your age. Success is key to many people’s definition of happiness, though everyone’s definition and vision of success is as individual as their name.

Defining your vision of success is key to a self sustaining, satisfying, career. Since careers are essentially a path of professional learning and exploration, you could shape your definition of success as to what you would like to learn about in your 30+ years of work. For me and my business the clearer the vision of success, the easier it has been to pursue and target the individuals who are key to making that vision a reality.