By Guest Blogger Evan Johnson
The importance of the camera itself is central in thinking about Kathryn’s new series, “The Great Divide”. Using a pinhole camera and the traditional development process, the role of both tool and method are highlighted in a manner altogether different than with digital. Sculptor Alexander Calder wrote in 1943:

I feel that the artist should go about his work simply with great respect for his materials. As the painter must be conversant with his colors, their pigments and vehicles, so as to produce something which is not contrary to the laws of chemistry, so the sculptor must have a feeling for the materials he uses, whatever it may be , use it in accordance with its strength & nature.

When I look at this series, Kathryn’s experimentation with the pinhole speaks to a strong understanding of her materials. Calder says that a painter must speak the language of his colors, pigments, and tools. So to must a photographer master the conversation between light, shadow, line and camera. Be sure to join us for “The Great Divide” at McGuffey Studio 27 on April 3rd(5:30pm-7:30pm)!
ps. A new Calder sculpture will be installed in front of UVA’s Peabody Hall this weekend, check it out!

*quote and photo courtesy of the Calder Foundation.

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