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Evan Johnson, Guest Blogger/Intern

We thought it would be interesting to share some of the inspiration behind and interpretation of the “One Day” series. Taken in North Carolina’s Outerbanks, the series addresses the relationship between travel, the horizon line, and landscape.

Kathryn takes her inspiration primarily from travel. In this series that interest in travel pairs with the themes of line. The relationship between the horizon line and the picture plane is subverted to challenge the viewer’s understanding of both landscape and style.

Personally, the series characterizes our relationship to the land and environment. Kathryn uses the camera to shift our interpretation of the landscape. That ability to alter the land through the image mirrors the various ways man visually or physically changes his environment. The expansive sky dwarfs the human figure in this series. Kathryn manages to remind us that the landscape still has the power to alter us.

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