RESOURCEFUL RESOURCES: American Society of Media Photographers

So this is part of a consolidated list of my resourceful resources. Colleagues, as well as aspiring photographers have all asked me in the past about where to go to learn more. And I feel that one of the best things about being a photographer is that there is always more to learn. So this series of posts will be my personal, curated resource of resourcefulness. If you benefit, feel free to pay it forward by linking back to the blog….

 American Society of Media Photographers is ‘the premier agency dedicated to the advocacy of professional photographers’ and to a creative professional nearly indispensible. Whether you are an Art Buyer looking for new photographers to work with utilizing the free “Find a Photographer” service, a  photographer who wants to refresh their perspective on the industry with educational events, or a fresh faced graduate straight out of photo school looking to be an assistant – ASMP has it all. I love their Strictly Business blog and am still friends with many of the photographers I worked with as a member of my home chapter ASMPCV in Richmond, Virginia. I highly recommend joining whether you are a photographer or creative professional who works with photographers.