So this is the beginning of a consolidated list of my resourceful resources. Friends and colleagues, as well as aspiring photographers have all asked me in the past about learning more. And I feel that one of the best things about being a photographer is that there is always more to learn. So this series of posts will be my personal, curated resource of resourcefulness. If you benefit, feel free to pay it forward by linking back to the blog….

I first heard  about Jason Morbier and Wise Elephant through Ms. Leslie Burns-Dell’Acqua’s buisness book Business Basics for the Successful Commercial Photographer. It was the end of the year and I felt as though my buisness could use a jump start with a fresh perspective on the rapidly changing market and new social media tools now available to creatives. Jason is great in his advice getting to the heart of the matter with the buisness very quickly, and was wonderful in suggesting how to best use tools such as Twitter and Facebook. I also found the team’s blog to be a great insight for today’s creative economy. Jason offers up great bits of info in his twitter feed, defiately a recommended follow.