BEHIND THE SHOT: Josephine’s Greens and her (more than) three little pigs…

 (Kathryn Wagner)

This is the first installment of a series I am calling ‘Behind the Shot’ that will illustrate and discuss images from my portfolio and outtakes. My hopes with this series are to bring a bit more insight into my shooting style and inform you as to my creative processes. To lighten the mood on a Friday I wanted to share with you Josephine‘s newest batch of pigs. As cute as these guys are, they didn’t make it into the latest photographic essay I have up on the website but I hope to put a smile on your face for the weekend ahead.¬†Though these pigs are adorable, watch out for their mother…While in the pen photographing her babies the mother pig mistook one of my toes for a snack and tried to eat it! Luckily I got away just in time, and elected to use a longer lens to avoid Ms. piggy.

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