American Airline’s Celebrated Living Magazine

 (© Kathryn Wagner Photography)

I am pleased to share with you an image of mine which is currently featured in American Airlines first class inflight magazine Celebrated Living. Celebrated Living chose St. Johnas a destination included in the “Craving the Caribbean” article on Winter travel. The photograph above of the delicious salmon canapé from Asolare restaurant was selected by Marilyn Calley, Celebrated Living’s Art Director. Dubbed ‘The Nature Island’ you can read the full article on St. John here.

 (Kathryn Wagner)

Image of the Week, October 4 2010: Peace Hill Lookout

 (Kathryn Wagner)
Peace hill is one of my favorite spots on St. John, and a great place for a quick hike and a swim in nearby Denis Bay. From 1953 until hurricane Marylin swept through the island, there was a giant Christ of the Caribbean statue atop the hill. (The colonial era windmill in the linked photo still stands.)Peace Hill is definitely peaceful, and a great place to spot sailboats traveling to the British Virgin Islands.

Image of the Week, September 6 2010: Seascapes and horizons

 (Kathryn Wagner)
This image is from the Land and Sea series, part of which was exhibited at McGuffey Art Center,  in Charlottesville Virginia last year. These images are from a variety of locations, though are tied together with the cool color palette utilized and the inclusion of a strong horizon line. The horizon line is a graphic element that I love, and think can be quite powerful within a photographic composition to unite or divide elements. While attending Virginia Commonwealth University’s photography program, I loved learning about how to use natural elements such as horizon lines and the rule of thirds to strengthen the message in a photograph. While studying abroad, outside London, I first came across the immensely inspirational Hiroshi Sugimoto – an artist whose work influenced me in the creation of the Land and Sea series.

One of my favorite things about living on an island is that you are surrounded by a strong horizon line, where the sky meets the sea. Wonderful to look out upon and great for creating photographs.

Image of the week, August 3, 2010: Great Blue Heron

 (Kathryn Wagner)

Birdwatching is one of my favorite activities that easily accompanies photography. Living in close quarters with the Virgin Islands National Park affords many wonderful opportunities to see birdlife, and the waterfowl are my favorite. This Great Blue Heron was spotted while out photographing on the edge of Waterlemon beach. The call that a Heron gives is quite distinct. Not to be confused with  the Great Egret, I love the grace and poise that these beautiful birds possess.

New gallery up on the website: St. John Carnival

St. John Carnival, U.S. Virgin Islands – Images by Kathryn Wagner
 (Kathryn Wagner)

Image of the week, July 19th 2010: Caribbean Carnival Fireworks

 (Kathryn Wagner)

St. John recently celebrated Carnival throughout the streets of town. A carnival village is set up every year in Cruz Bay. West Indian food and drink is served to the beat of Caribbean music heard during nightly concerts. The festivities concluded with a show of fireworks, usually done near the Fourth of July, and held this year on the Fifth of July. This is one of my favorite times of year in the West Indies and this year was no exception. I had a wonderful time capturing this exuberant celebration.

Caribbean Carnival is coming…

 (Kathryn Wagner)
Carnival is coming! An annual event held on the island of St. John happily coincides with the Fourth of July. The photo above was taken just before the Carnival parade last year. Scores of St. Johnians march in colorful costumes down the main street of Cruz Bay, and there is celebration all week. Coming from Virginia, Carnival to me is the closest thing to the annual Albemarle County Fair, complete with special foods, music and celebration.

A gallery of St. John Caribbean Carnival photographs can be found on my website.

Image of the week, June 14, 2010: Laughing Gull

 (Kathryn Wagner)
The laughing gulls are back in the islands. They observe a seasonal migratory schedule, though opposite from many humans here in the Virgin Islands. You know it is summer (or soon to be) when a flock of these bold seabirds approaches your boat in search of a treat. This avian creature followed us on our way to the British Virgin Islands, flying off the wake of the boat to scavenge for food. A word to the wise is to not feed these birds, lest you make a closer friend than you intended!