• New York Times Dining and Wine: At Eleven Madison Park, A Reinvention

    New York Times Dining and Wine: At Eleven Madison Park, A Reinvention

    I had a great time photographing two prominent professional illusionists Dan White and Jonathan Bayme for the New York Times Dining and Wine coverage of Eleven Madison Park’s most recent reinvention. The pair of magicians teamed up to creatively consult on a distinct twist to ordering dessert: incorporating classic New York  street hustle games into a card […]

  • New York Times Food Photography: Whiskey Startups are Rolling Out a Smaller Barrel Sooner

    New York Times Food Photography: Whiskey Startups are Rolling Out a Smaller Barrel Sooner

    As a food photographer, making images of whiskey and the new processes surrounding the aging of Whiskey was fascinating. It was a joy to once again be a photographer for The New York Times Food section. Terressentia’s process of aging and flavoring whiskey in a fraction of the time typically needed was interesting to observe and […]

  • Artist Portrait: Eileen French

    Artist Portrait: Eileen French

      I had a great time photographing with painter Eileen French recently. Eileen paints both in ‘plein air’ and from photographs. Her subjects range from cattle in sparsely populated Highland County to edgy portraits of her family. It is always wonderful to work with another artist to convey their process and personality within a portrait.The images will […]

  • Get social and connect for the latest food and travel photography…

    The social media landscape has changed so much since I began this blog in 2007. Though this site is the center of my communications for Kathryn Wagner Photography I felt it only fair to reach out and connect directly to you, dear reader via the social media channel of your choice. A full range of […]

  • Home Sweet Garden Home in the City of Charleston

      A cottage overlooks a grassy courtyard in the heart of the Downtown Charleston Peninsula. Every city has it’s strengths and gardening is definitely one of Charleston’s. The Lowcountry weather is conducive to cultivation year round and winter provides enough moisture to enliven a lawn to a lush shade of green. It is impressive how much of the city is given […]

  • Why am I, Kathryn Wagner, a professional food & travel photographer?

    The runway in St. Barthelemy, French West Indies. On occasion I have been asked “why travel and food photography?” The short answer: Photographing food and travel images for businesses, brands and magazines allows me to combine three things which I am passionate about: eating, exploring and recording amazing experiences to share with others. The longer […]

  • McCrady’s Restaurant: Grilled Triggerfish

    An update for the food photography portfolio: Grilled triggerfish, romesco sauce, kale chutney, tomato jam, braised radishes, and powdered olive oil.  

    McCrady’s Restaurant: Grilled Triggerfish
  • Lowndes Grove: Then and Now….

    “John Gibbes built a house and garden with greenhouses on The Grove before the Revolutionary War.[2] The house was probably located near Indian Hill on the Citadel campus. It was likely burned by British troops in 1779,[7] but the gardens remained. Around 1786, heirs of the Gibbes family divided the land into smaller tracts, and three of the […]

    Lowndes Grove: Then and Now….
  • The Great Oysterpoint Runoff

    The Great Oysterpoint Runoff I had a blast shooting The Great Oysterpoint Runoff for the Charleston Waterkeeper organization this past week. Charleston Waterkeeper is a non-profit deadicated to the mission of clean swimmable, fishable and drinkable waterways for all in the Lowcountry. The Great Oysterpoint Runoff  was held “To encourage the public and clean water enthusiasts […]

    The Great Oysterpoint Runoff
  • How to eat an oyster…

    I was pleased to participate in a genuine Lowcountry tradition this past week: the Oyster Roast. Oyster Season traditionally begins in the in the fall and is currently in full swing here in Charleston. Growing up in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains it is a rare opportunity to partake in such an event […]

    How to eat an oyster…
  • The swamps of the Francis Beidler Forest

    “The Francis Beidler Forest is an Audubon wildlife sanctuary in Four Holes Swamp, a blackwater creek system in South Carolina. It consists of over 16,000 acres (65 km²) of mainly bald cypress/tupelo gum swamp with approximately 1,800 acres (7 km2) of old-growth forest. It has an environmental education center and a 1.75-mile (2.82 km) boardwalk trail through the old-growth portion of the swamp. A free iPhone/iPod Touch […]

  • Sullivan’s Island lighthouse: The Charleston Light

    A man and his dog walk along the beach bordering a tidal pool in Sullivan’s Island, South Carolina. A few facts about the Sullivan’s island lighthouse pictured above in the background: “Instead of having the traditional circular shape, it is three-sided, a feature meant to make it more wind resistant. The result is that it […]