• New York Times Dining and Wine: At Eleven Madison Park, A Reinvention

    New York Times Dining and Wine: At Eleven Madison Park, A Reinvention

    I had a great time photographing two prominent professional illusionists Dan White and Jonathan Bayme for the New York Times Dining and Wine coverage of Eleven Madison Park’s most recent reinvention. The pair of magicians teamed up to creatively consult on a distinct twist to ordering dessert: incorporating classic New York  street hustle games into a card […]

  • New York Times Food Photography: Whiskey Startups are Rolling Out a Smaller Barrel Sooner

    New York Times Food Photography: Whiskey Startups are Rolling Out a Smaller Barrel Sooner

    As a food photographer, making images of whiskey and the new processes surrounding the aging of Whiskey was fascinating. It was a joy to once again be a photographer for The New York Times Food section. Terressentia’s process of aging and flavoring whiskey in a fraction of the time typically needed was interesting to observe and […]

  • Artist Portrait: Eileen French

    Artist Portrait: Eileen French

      I had a great time photographing with painter Eileen French recently. Eileen paints both in ‘plein air’ and from photographs. Her subjects range from cattle in sparsely populated Highland County to edgy portraits of her family. It is always wonderful to work with another artist to convey their process and personality within a portrait.The images will […]

  • Charleston’s Gateway Walk: the Unitarian Churchyard

    A brick path winds between beds of wildflowers in Charleston’s Unitarian Universalist Churchyard, a part of the historic Gateway Walk. As a professional travel photographer discovering hidden gems such as the Garden Club of Charleston’s Gateway Walk are a favorite part of the job. This peaceful, gorgeous meander takes one through several churchyards, and several […]

  • Pirates in the park?

    “In the course of five weeks, [in the Autumn of 1718] forty-nine pirates had swung from the gallows at White Point. Within a couple months, pirate Richard Worley and nineteen of his men met the same fate. While the leaves of White Point Gardens’ oaks calmly sway in the ocean breeze, their roots are feeding […]

  • Knock, Knock – Charleston’s ornate front doors

    A historic home in Charleston, South Carolina displays an ornate door knocker on it’s front door. These functional ornaments are an interesting addition to the historic district streetscape. “During the superstitious Middle Ages, door knockers took on gruesome faces, such as gargoyles, dogs and lions, to ward off evil spirits from entering the home.””Door knockers […]

  • Homes of the Charleston Battery

    Palmetto trees flank two antebellum homes on a sunny fall day near Battery Park in Charleston South Carolina.

  • A Bounty of Biodiversity…

    The banks of Charleston’s Ashley river provides a bounty of biodiversity within the South Carolina Watershed.

  • A perfect picnic spot.

    The sun shines through a tree covered in spanish moss in Charleston’s historic Hampton Park.

  • Brittlebank Park Pier

    The sun sets over the Ashley River and the Brittlebank Park Fishing Pier in Charleston, South Carolina.

  • Rambling along Virginia’s Route 6

    The sun filters through an overgrown field along Virginia’s Route 6. If there ever were a highway that held a special place in my visual heart it would be Virginia’s Route 6. Stretching along the James River from the Blue Ridge to Richmond, it was the scenic route most often taken to and fro, from […]

  • Meet Alabaster, the Albino Alligator

    “Alabaster” a seven and-a-half foot long 92 pound Albino American Alligator swims in his tank at the Blackwater Swamp Exhibit in the South Carolina Aquarium. Did you know that alligators are a native predator species in the South Carolina Lowcountry? And that you can adopt Alabaster the Albino American Alligator? A few more Fun Facts:  There […]

  • Shark Attack!

    A Sandtiger shark swims in the Great Ocean tank in the South Carolina Aquarium. The massive, two-story Great Ocean Tank holds 385,000 gallons of salt water and contains hundreds of animals. You can support the South Carolina Aquarium’s mission  by “adopting” this Sandtiger Shark.