New gallery up on the website: Josephine’s Greens

 (Kathryn Wagner)
I was lucky enough to spend a day with Josephine Roller, St. John’s premier provider of organic produce and local foods. The shoot began bright and early to accommodate her busy schedule and the morning sun. I was excited to get a taste of local farming here on the island. In contrast to my hometown of Charlottesville, local food is not as common in the island’s supermarket and just beginning to gain traction within the community.

Josephine is a shining example of how local fresh produce can positively impact your health and well being. She is one of the only farmers on the island of St. John, using organic methods in all of her produce – and it shows. Anyone who has come to visit an island location only accessible by boat understands how important a business like Josephine’s is to St. John. Other produce imported here is already a week old when it hits supermarket shelves. St. John resorts and restaurants have also taken note, and her Coral Bay garden center supplies produce to all of them.

This series is a beginning to a larger project I am working on highlighting the possibility of sourcing the majority of your food locally, within the challenging environment of an island where land is scarce and small farming not as prevalent as in the States. I want to explore the connection Virgin Islanders have with their food sources and who is providing that connection….Stay tuned for more in the coming weeks!