American Airline’s Celebrated Living Magazine

 (© Kathryn Wagner Photography)

I am pleased to share with you an image of mine which is currently featured in American Airlines first class inflight magazine Celebrated Living. Celebrated Living chose St. Johnas a destination included in the “Craving the Caribbean” article on Winter travel. The photograph above of the delicious salmon canapé from Asolare restaurant was selected by Marilyn Calley, Celebrated Living’s Art Director. Dubbed ‘The Nature Island’ you can read the full article on St. John here.

 (Kathryn Wagner)

Portfolio Revamp on

Just a quick note to highlight a recent revamp done to my portfolio website. On you can now easily find a collection of images organized by subject matter, which highlights what I love to work on with both commercial and editorial clients. The  links to the stories are still present on the blog for those who have bookmarked, but in the future look to this blog for more of these story projects in their entirety.

I am thinking that this format will be best for both clients and the interested fellow creative, providing a bright line for content to follow within the blog, and a highlight reel of sorts for the portfolio website.

Image of the week, June 14, 2010: Laughing Gull

 (Kathryn Wagner)
The laughing gulls are back in the islands. They observe a seasonal migratory schedule, though opposite from many humans here in the Virgin Islands. You know it is summer (or soon to be) when a flock of these bold seabirds approaches your boat in search of a treat. This avian creature followed us on our way to the British Virgin Islands, flying off the wake of the boat to scavenge for food. A word to the wise is to not feed these birds, lest you make a closer friend than you intended!

Rebranding: Asolare Restaurant, Virgin Islands

Asolare Restaurant, St. John Virgin Islands – Images by Kathryn Wagner

I am happy to share with you a set of images I recently produced and photographed for Asolare Restaurant in Cruz Bay, St. John. The restaurant was doing a branding redesign and subsequent online marketing campaign to highlight new ownership and a new chef/management team. I was enthusiastic to highlight the beautiful (and delicious!) asian style cuisine they feature. I love shooting food, as it is wonderful to work with restauranteurs and collaborate with the creativity of chefs. Evan Neal-Pishko has been the chef of Asolare restaurant since October of last year, and his team has been doing a wonderful job of emphasizing local ingredients with asian flair. The shoot was fun, and the images were integrated within the website design by Level9 Studios, as well as in online marketing and social media. I look forward to more projects such as this in 2010.

 (Kathryn Wagner)

BEHIND THE SHOT: The Garage Goes Dressy

 (Kathryn Wagner)
This week I wanted to bring to you a spring image for all of those who experience the colder seasons. This photograph is of an installation titled “The Garage Goes Dressy” where an entire historic carriage house was ‘dressed up’ in retro fabrics amidst downtown Charlottesville, Virginia.

I was fortunate to meet the artist Miss Kate Daughdrill through the lovely Piedmont Council of the Arts organization. Kate is particularly interested in community-oriented, socially-engaged art projects with relational, social, and spiritual implications. Her effervescence and attention to the piece made it wonderful to experience.

Kate sewed the entire piece together and then made modifications during installation, transforming the building into a unique visual destination within the typical city street. I really enjoyed photographing the different patterns in each of the fabric panels, and felt as though the colors gave the small building a cozy and welcoming feel.

BEHIND THE SHOT: Josephine’s Greens and her (more than) three little pigs…

 (Kathryn Wagner)

This is the first installment of a series I am calling ‘Behind the Shot’ that will illustrate and discuss images from my portfolio and outtakes. My hopes with this series are to bring a bit more insight into my shooting style and inform you as to my creative processes. To lighten the mood on a Friday I wanted to share with you Josephine‘s newest batch of pigs. As cute as these guys are, they didn’t make it into the latest photographic essay I have up on the website but I hope to put a smile on your face for the weekend ahead. Though these pigs are adorable, watch out for their mother…While in the pen photographing her babies the mother pig mistook one of my toes for a snack and tried to eat it! Luckily I got away just in time, and elected to use a longer lens to avoid Ms. piggy.

BEHIND THE SHOT: Destination – Oxford Mississippi

Bronze statue of author William Falkner, on the square in Oxford Mississippi. (Kathryn Wagner Photography)
 (Kathryn Wagner)A cup of coffee called the 'Bowl of Soul' served in the Bottletree Bakery, Oxford Mississippi. (Kathryn Wagner Photography)

Oxford Mississippi is a lovely college town located in Lafayette County Mississippi. Founded in 1835 it is the home to the University of Mississippi and a thriving culture of bakeries, cafe’s and bookstores. The town is in a lovely setting and has maintained a beautiful historic downtown centered around what locals call “The Square.” I had a fantastic time shooting there, and highly recommend a browse in the Square Books shop and a coffee at Bottletree Bakery. Home of many well known writers such as William Falkner and John Grisham, I look forward to the next time I get to peruse the town of Oxford.

BEHIND THE SHOT: Meet Nash, he is a Metropolitan….

 (Kathryn Wagner)

I had a great time this week photographing a rare sight, Nash Metropolitan. The car is the only one in the Virgin Islands and dates from 1962, one of the last years Nash manufactured the Metropolitan model. Many celebrities have also owned a similar vehicle, including Jimmy Buffet, who had a 1958 Nash which he drove around Key West Florida. This car was really beautiful and spoke to me of a genteel era on St. John, when a car was a less common sight than a sailboat. Deanna, the car’s owner, imported it from the U.S. where it has been a member of her extended family for years. She drives it daily and says it ‘runs like a top.’

BEHIND THE SHOT: Lil Old Opry: Matthews County Virginia

"Since 1975 Donk's theater in Matthews County Virginia has been featuring the 'Lil Old Opry' a live country music show featuring local acts and classic country music." (Kathryn Wagner)
Last May I visited with a good friend to take a few portraits on the Virginia’s beautiful Chesapeake Bay. En route to Gwynn’s Island, we passed Donk’s which was a major landmark in the colorful directions we were given to reach our destination. The place really stood out to me, as it seemed unchanged since it’s inception as a live country music show in June of 1975. Since then, Donk’s has had a live show every other Saturday evening keeping the tradition of stage performance alive in Eastern Virginia. Though we did not have a chance to catch a show on the last visit, I will definitely check out this Virginia landmark next time I am passing through.