RESOURCEFUL RESOURCES: Black Star Rising – Five tips for a successful travel photography shoot

So this is part of a consolidated list of my resourceful resources. Colleagues, as well as myself are always hungry for more information and I love to exchange with others where I go to learn more. I feel that one of the best things about being a photographer is that there is always more to learn. This series of posts will be my personal, curated resource of resourcefulness, services and information which have helped my creative business, and will hopefully help yours as well.

Five steps to a successful travel photography shoot from BlackStar on Vimeo.

I am excited and enthusiastic about contributing to the wonderful Black Star Rising photography blog. Black Star is one of the oldest photographic agencies in the U.S. and they count publications such as Time as thier clients. Above is my first contribution to Black Star Rising, detailing five tips for a successful travel photography assignment. Enjoy!